Q: What is your production time? What if I need the frames in a hurry?
A: We send all orders within 5 - 7 working days. If you have an urgent requirement, we have a priority service available at an extra charge, but please contact us before ordering. If for any reason, our times cannot be honoured, you will be kept informed.

Q: Do you deliver on weekends?
A: We do not offer a weekend delivery service due to the cost.

Q: I have ordered the wrong size, what do I do?
A: Call our customer service depatments as quickly as possible on 08 9325 2002 to explain your situation and we will seek to amend the order.

Good To Know

  • Please provide the physical size of the item going into the frame,we will ensure the frame is made to accomodate this size.
  • So,if you have a photograph to frame and the paper it is printed on, is 160mm x 300mm, input the sizes 160 x 300. Easy!
  • If the item you wish to measure is already in a frame, please take the item out of the frame before measuring.


  • 1 inch = 25.4 millimetres - so 10 inches = 254mm
  • 1 cm  = 10 millimetres - so 10cm = 100mm

Frame Rebates

Please note that all frames have a lip onto which the glazing and artwork rests, This is to prevent the items falling through the front of the frame. This means the visible size is slightly less than the physical size by about 5 - 8mm on each edge of the items.


Measuring for a frame only (No Mount Board)

Make sure you double check the sizes are correct before placing your order.

Please provide the physical size of the item going into the frame. We will ensure the frame is made to accommodate this size.

So, if you have a photograph to frame and the photo paper is 160mm x 300mm, you input the sizes 160 x 300. Even if your image is printed on paper with a surrounding border, measure to the very edge of the paper.


Measuring for a Frame and Mount

You should never make the opening the same size as the paper on which your artwork or photo is printed.

If the artwork is printed to the edge of the paper: It is usual to make the opening size approximately 4mm smaller (2mm on each edge - more for very large pieces) than the artwork paper size. This allows an overlap at the back so you can attach the artwork to the mount. On the image to the left we have opted to show the maximum amount of the image as is possible.

If the artwork is NOT printed to the edge of the paper and you would like to have a bigger opening than the image: Enter the exact size of the area you would like to show through the mount window. As you can see to the left, if your item has a border around the picture, showing part of this border through the opening of the mount can look very effective.



 If I am bringing my print to be mounted, do I need to trim my prints in advance?


No. The extra space is utilized in the mounting process, and it assists us with proper handling. In addition, if you intend to include white border around your image or if your image fades off into unwanted white space, we highly recommend you include crop marks to avoid additional charges.

 Do you use a cold or wet mount process?

We always use a dry mount adhesive and mounting process. Our adhesives and films are pressure sensitive, so neither heat nor wet glues are ever necessary.